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Hey There!

Thank you so much for your interest in hosting with The Birth House Network.  Our mission is to create a community for expectant parents to connect with the resources they need to birth on their own terms.  We cannon exist without hosts like you!

Become A Host

Terms and Conditions


1) As the host I am responsible for keeping The Birth House Network (TBHN) up to date with details about my listing, including Location, Description, Amenities, Photo and Booking Link.  I understand that TBHN will make every effort to respond and update my listing in a timely manner.

2) As the host I agree to be inclusive and not discriminate against potential clients based on age, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economical status or lifestyle.

3) As the host I am responsible for adhering to local laws and regulations related to short term rental spaces and am responsible for obtaining my own property and liability insurance.

4) As the host I am responsible for making sure my rental suites are clean and are in good condition with everything in good working order.

5) As the host I understand that I have the right to ask my clients for a deposit (either refundable or non-refundable) and to set my own rates for my rental suites.

6) As the host I understand that I may ask clients to sign a waiver if I feel the need for one.

6) As the host I have the right to set my own availability for my rental suites but I also understand that flexibility is needed due to the nature of the clients needs.

7) As the host I understand that I am responsible for making every attempt to resolve any conflicts with my clients, but that I can ask TBHN to mediate if the conflict remains unresolved.

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Thank You For Your Submission!

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