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How To Write An Effective Complaint Letter After Childbirth

A Step By Step Guide To:

  • Determine where to submit your letter

  • Request and interpret your hospital records

  • How to research local standards and guidelines

  • Address your audience

  • Write a compelling letter

  • Prepare for the outcome

Free Resources:

  • Medical Records Reference Sheet

  • Complaint Submission Reference Sheet

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Guide To Writing A Complaint


The Birth House Network is Empowerment Through:


- A Community of People, including birth suite owners, care providers, birth workers, advocates, expectant parents and their support team members.

- A Directory of Birth Suites, connecting those who are planning their birth with the options that are available to them within their own communities.

- Resources for Making Informed Decisions, by providing links to reputable sources of information regarding perinatal care.

- A Mutually Beneficial Space, supporting its members and their birth related businesses.


When it comes to birth, in our culture we are often advised on what to do in a way that makes us believe that is the course of action we are required to take.  The truth is that everything that is presented to us is optional.


It is our right to give birth wherever and however we choose!  It's time to take birth back and put it in the hands of the birthing person.  The one giving birth is the one in the room with the most authority.

The Birth House Network is also always striving to remain as inclusive and accessible as possible.

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